The Band



Kevin Sauntry

(Lead vocal, guitar, mandolin, bodhran)

Big Kev is the lead singer, song writer, guitarist, madolin player, Bodhran player and frontman of the band. He hails from a rich culture of root music. Brought over from Ireland and reared in Manchester by his banjo playing mum, Kevin was always in the thick of everything that was going. This is graphically apparent in his performance where you find yourself rooted in the passion, humour and energy of someone who definitely has walked the walk

Alan White

(Guitar, Vocals)

Alan is a highly respected guitarist’s guitarist. His percussive style is well suited to the style the Marbles have made their own. Alan is a fine singer in his own right, and at times takes the lead in a number of songs. He demonstrates a subtle and sensitive approach to both his playing and vocals. This is clearly evident in all aspects of the Marbles performance

Dave Camrass


Dave, the fiddle virtuoso of the Marbles. He can switch from Trad Irish, to Trad Jazz at the flick of his wrist. His speed and riffs take on a life of their own. He is a most excelllent creative exponent of the instrument he loves. He blends his clssical training with fiddle styles of root music which adds an innovative and exciting dimension to the Marbles music

Dec Brennan

(Bass, whistles, bodhran)

Dec is another Celtic import. He gives the band an excellent foundation on bass, yet there is more to this guy than meets the eye. He is a fine traditional whistle player, providing an authentic traditional aspect to a number of songs with speed and accuracy. You can almost see the music dancing. It’s not suprising, when you learn he has been successful in Fleadh Cheoils in UK and Ireland since he was 9 years old

The Marbles comprise four musicians. Their line-up includes guitars, fiddle, whistle, flute, bass, mandolin, bodhran and harmonica.

Murphy’s Marbles have performed the length and breadth of the country, Ireland, and Europe at numerous major festivals. Their stage performance is charismatic and dynamic. Their music is Celtic based, a mixture of traditional and contemporary with a cutting edge. They also have an impressive portfolio of their own material. The band feels music has an important role to play in contributing to challenging and addressing issues.

Their approach is interesting and simulating. They also weave into their act hilarious anecdotes and stories. This makes for a wonderful show. In concert or outside, it is guaranteed your audience will be captivated. Cheltenham Racecourse was so impressed with the band’s live performance at the Gold Cup they commissioned the band to record a C.D. ‘The Cheltenham Experience’, which was released at the 2004 Gold Cup. This venture was so successful they asked the Marbles to produce a further album ‘They’ll Run Forever’  Murphy’s Marbles have played many creditable venues. They include The Guinness Féile na nDéise Ireland, Midland Irish Music Festival, Middlewich Folk & Boat Festival, and numerous theatres throughout the country.

The band are recording artists in their own right, their work has been played on radio stations in the UK. Europe, Australia and the USA.The Marbles also perform with Sean Cannon of the Dubliners. These concerts have produced unforgettable nights, with a rich mixture of traditional songs and hilarious anecdotes from the man himself.

Main Stage

The Marbles have a great stage presence with the ability to capture the attention and enthusiasm of larger audiences.

They have performed at festivals and major occasions throughout the country. These include Kendal International Music & Art Festival; Dorset Music Festival; McKeefry Irish Music Festival, Weston super Mare; The Guinness Féile na nDéise, Ireland; plus numerous theatres throughout the country.

At a Marbles show you are taken on a journey through the ages of Celtic and root music, and then on to the contemporary styles of recent times. This is all seasoned with original material and humour. Of one thing you can be assured, when it comes to providing fine music, humour and audience participation, they are supreme.

Street Festivals

At street level the band have the ability and charisma to instantly capture the passing crowd and create an audience.

The Marbles enjoy a popularity and appreciation of this type of work and as such find they are in demand throughout the country.

Corporate work

Ascot, Earls Court, Royal Windsor, York Racecourse, Wedgewood, and many local authorities employ the band on a regular basis for their major events and occasions.

This is testimony to the band’s clear understanding that being part of the whole and delivering what is required at such esteemed venues has been the key to their success in this area of work

Our success is an understanding of how to become an integral part of any coporate event